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  • "Tailored" Site Design -

  • I listen to your needs,

  • I do my stuff,

  • and when you're happy,

  • so am I!

My Work ...

Just a sample of site's I've designed ...

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I charge from R3,500 for a basic site ...

We can discuss any "extras" and come to an amicable agreement...
(I'm not greedy).

Bespoke-Webwork is just me - Jim Ord

I won't try to hoodwink you into believing that this is a large outfit, where you pay through the nose for a site, so that they can afford their humungus overheads!

But, with confidence, I can say that the service you get will be "tailored" for you personally (hence the Bespoke) and will be as good as, or even better than, the product you would get from a large company!

I assure you, it's not rocket-science!

What you get ...

1 - a logo

If you've checked out some of 'my sites' by clicking on them in the homepage slide-show, then you'll have seen some of the logos I've created.

I use Microsoft Paint and GNU Gimp software to design my graphics, with a little help from CoolText - a free online graphics generator. (Ooops! - giving away trade secrets!)

However, I am perfectly happy to use your existing logo.

2 - navigation menus ...

Horizontal, vertical - you find it, I'll do it!

3 - a slide-show ...

"A picture tells a thousand stories ...", which is especially true on the net, I'm sure you'll agree.

I like to use slide-show effects in a prominent positions. I filched the one above (the Carousel) from Saverio Caminity of flshow fame. The other (LCD Screen) I designed myself based upon the Basic jQuery Slider.

4 - sundry pages

Most sites comprise of 5 "pages" which seems about the norm, but you can have as many pages for your money as you need (no limit!).

5 - email forms

It's pretty important to build a relationship with your visitors and I've found that email communication, started off by the visitor using a submitted form similar to the one in the Contact Link (top), is by far the best method (it shows commitment by them).

I build this form in HTML, but the process of sending you the email produced is only done by PHP or an equivalent (not ALL website companies, use PHP or an equivalent and therefore don't offer FORMS).

6 - basic Search Engine Optimisation

I do basic stuff to "promote" every website I do (see "Promoting your site ...", below), utilising Moz's S.E.O. Cheatsheet (hover and click)

7 - standard stuff

All of the above and anything you see on this site comes as standard!

The cost ...

If you need just a basic multi page site for your business, organisation, or you personally (Home, Profile, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us, etc.) then it's R3,500 (S.A.) or £200 (U.K. - perhaps my brother Martin referred you?)

If you want a more specialised approach, for example a product database and a shopping cart, then we can discuss the extra cost involved ...

What you can get ...

You may well have special requirements in addition to the standard package I've described.

The following list gives an indication of what can be done ...

 • Database (products, services, etc.,).

 • Shopping Basket.

 • Picture Gallery Database.

 • Forum/Blog.

 • User System (sign-in/out/remember me).

 • Location Maps - interface with Google.

 • Let your inventiveness run wild ....

But, this is just a list off the top of my head - there are so many things one can do! Let me just say that ANYTHING which you have seen on the internet, I can provide!

What I can also say, to encourage you, is that we can negotiate a mutually satisfactory price and as I said earlier "I am not greedy!"

Promoting your site ...

In order to promote your site (i.e. get it seen on the internet via Google Search etc.), the majority of web companies would highly recommend Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)

For quick results, I do not!

I have done several Google AdWords campaigns for clients who have wanted immediate high-visibility and have become quite proficient at it! (once again, it's not rocket-science!).

Yes Google AdWords costs money, but when compared to S.E.O., it's a much cheaper initial investment and most importantly, it's immediately effective! Plus, you can stop and start your campaigns to suit your return on investment - i.e. it's basically "Pay as you go ..."

I am not maligning S.E.O. (it's long-term effectiveness can be good), I'm simply saying that in the short term Google AdWords gives immediate results, whereas S.E.O. takes 6-8 weeks (maybe longer) to become effective (even then, there are no 100% guarantees that you're going to be well placed!).

If you want, I will set up a Google AdWords campaign, for R1,700 (S.A.) or £100 (U.K.), and once I've got it properly set up, you can take control of it! - (by then there'll be zero maintenance and don't worry I'm only a phone call/email away if you run into problems ...)

Regarding S.E.O., I definitely don't want to "throw the baby out, with the bath-water!" and I'm not saying don't go that route - it's your choice.

Can I just remind you to take a look at Moz's S.E.O. Cheatsheet? (hover and click) I incorporate this into each site I build, as a matter of course ... with no additional cost to you!

Professionalism ...

I assure you that the work I do will be of the highest standard and I would, in all modesty, rate my professionalism highly - I am never happy with second best and am like a dog with a bone when it comes to client satisfaction!

This is where I get technical - I have an in-depth knowledge of four main components which make for good websites -

•  HTML5 "Hyper-Text Markup Language v5"

Currently the most advanced web-page language version

•  CSS3 "Cascading Style Sheets v3"

Currently the most advanced script language version for uniform page design

•  PHP "Personal Home Page"

A server-side language for Hypertext Preprocessor work (form submission etc.,

•  Javascript

A programming language based on "Java", used for client-side interaction (form validation etc.,)

I have found that much of my work has been generated by word-of-mouth referrals, as generally I do not advertise, although when short of work, I sometimes give my Google AdWords campaign a brief resumption!

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I have been computing since 1969 (Woodstock generation, admittedly) and for the past several years I have thoroughly enjoyed working on Internet Web Design and Development.

I currently live on a hillside farm in the beautiful Hekpoort Valley, which is within the oldest mountain range in the world ...

As a footnote, I would like to mention how I enjoy participating on "TSG" - a website design and development forum where I go by the name of


and would ask that you follow the link, if only to check out if I'm full of BS or not!
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